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'Perfect Day' Wood engraving by Siri Beckman
Come join us for the end of Bath Art Walk's 2016 season this Friday and the final opening at our original location. We'll be showing the Russian art for the last time, as well as new pieces from Siri Beckman, Matt Brown and our very own David Morgan! We'll have the typical light refreshments and hopefully live music from The Montsweagers once again. Our new prints from Siri continue her tradition of beautifully detailed portraits of life on the Maine coast. Her focus on small scale, affordable art that is heart rendered speaks to anyone who has visited our beautiful state and they should not be missed! Matt's work includes a small collection of his older pieces that are more graphic, and evocative in a slightly different way than his newer more painterly style, though still created through the traditional Japanese hanga technique. They're block printing in one of its finest forms. David's new pieces feature a reworking of his colorful autumn harvest scene entitled, 'Basket Case' and a new multi block color print entitled, 'Summer Weeds'. In them he has created two pieces that are vibrant and lively, derived from his experience of our agricultural traditions.

Our new space, at 104 Front St, will will be up and running sometime in early October, more details to come. In the meantime, we hope to see you Friday.