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It's that time of year again, the Common Ground Fair is finally upon us! A time honored tradition, the Common Ground Fair is a place where Maine based artisans gather to share their process and products and this year our very own David Morgan will be among them. Along with selling some of his limited edition woodblock prints, he'll also be hosting a print your own station where anyone can try their hand at creating a multi block color print. He'll have a small selection of his older work which primarily focused on medieval images inspired by his time working in England as an archaeologist. A successful reworking of his popular 'Basket Case', as well as a new multi block color print entitled 'Summer Weeds', along with other favorites such as, 'Into The Wind', 'Old Cub' and 'Quincy' will be available, too. We'll be there Friday the 23rd through Sunday the 25th and we hope to see you!