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It's workshop time again... come see printmaker David Morgan at work, make your own holiday card, or expand your printmaking skills. Here's a quick list of what's coming up:

Open Studio - Wednesday afternoons. Come by and see whatever we're up to, maybe even try your hand. It's free!

Make your own holiday card - Only $20 material fee, plus $2 per card and envelope. Great family fun, too.

Full-day classes/workshops - Thursdays and Saturdays, beginning Thursday Nov. 30. $60 includes materials; discount for multiple sessions and groups.

Workshop sessions can cover many kinds of printmaking, depending on your interests. Small groups mean lots of individual attention, and sessions can be tailored to individual interests. You can carve and print a single-color print easily in a day, make color prints from multiple blocks or reduction printing, learn about white-line prints done with only water colors (so you can keep printing at home), explore the endless possibilities of monoprints - so many possibilities!

Call us at 844-3770, or email for more information. You're welcome to drop in, but if you sign up for a session ahead of time we can be sure to have the right materials on hand (and aren't full!).